About gevels in GRC by BB Fiberbeton

Extremely thin facade cladding in glassfibre reinforced concrete

Low-material and lightweight facades offer great advantages for the building industry. Both in new buildings, such as high-rise, and in sustainable facade renovation projects. With our high-quality products we combine extreme slenderness with the appealing aesthetic and freeform characteristics of concrete.

Our most thin and lightweight facade solution is made from glassfibre reinforced concrete.

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Esthetische mogelijkheden

Glassfibre reinforced concrete (GRC) is a cementitious material that is not cast but sprayed into a mold. This makes it possible to manufacture extremely thin (scale) elements in versatile forms: flat, curved, double curved, with attached corners, flaps and other custom-made details.

First we spray a ‘mist coat’ in the mold, a thin cementitious layer without glassfibres. Then we add a layer of sprayed GRC, wet-on-wet. We offer a wide range of colors, texture or relief options. Together with the architect we can create customized GRC elements for each building project.

Concrete is a natural product, which means minor aesthetical variations can occur. We advise to discuss mutual expectations in an early design stage and have samples or mock-ups made.


Facade cladding in GRC by BB fiberbeton can be anchored to the sub-structure of the building in various ways:

  • Integrated recessed holes (inserts). Every approximately 600 mm (horizontal and vertical). Covered with a GRC plug (included). Minimal amount of space to the sub-structure: 25 mm.
  • Integrated stainless steel brackets. Approximately 4 per m2 resp. 2 per 600 mm1 (included). Minimal amount of space to sub-structure: 100 mm.
  • Stud-frame (integrated stainless steel frame). Complete sub-structure with usually 4-6 anchoring points per element (included) for easy and quick mounting. Minimal amount of space to sub-structure: 100 mm.
  • FA1000® standardized system. In-house developed solution for completely hiding all anchoring points. Maximum element size: 2500 x 900 mm (horizontal or vertical orientation).

Download more information about anchoring principles of GRC by BB Fiberbeton

Technische specificaties

GRC by BB fiberbeton is durable, lightweight and formable. Only 12 mm thin and 26 kg/m2, yet the material is very robust and fire and impact resistant. Furthermore, there is no need for maintenance, apart from occasional washing to remove pollution.

Hi-Con’s production partner BB fiberbeton is one of the 16 full members of the international Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete Association (GRCA). That means we have sufficient resources in plant, equipment and labour to consistently design and manufacture high quality GRC. We have quality management systems and production controls in place to comply with the requirements of the GRCA Specification, Method of Testing and Practical Design Guide.

Read more about technical specifications of GRC by BB Fiberbeton here. 

Our expertise


Coen Smets
Technisch Commercieel Adviseur

Henry van de Werken
Project Manager